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About BF4F

Lubricus is a fan-inspired and fan-run convention focused on providing Harry Potter slash fans with a safe and fun slash-focused environment.


Lubricus is presented by By Fans 4 Fans LLC and the name of our organization indicates our mission: providing a unique convention experience organized by fans for fans. Lubricus will be a fun and slashy weekend…the best parts of a convention without all that other stuff! This event is fan-inspired and as such, fan input is taken very seriously. You get to decide what will be the focus of programming and other weekend activities!


The Lubricus Con Com is made up of real-life slash fans who have found themselves craving more slashy content at the mainstream HP conventions. Therefore, we decided to form By Fans 4 Fans and organize our own con to provide fellow slashers with a weekend chock-full of fun, and of course, slash!


By Fans 4 Fans understands that the Harry Potter fandom is a very large, diverse, and dedicated community. While we respect individual interests, this is a convention for slash fans, and the programming will be slash focused. So if you shudder at the thought of Remus and Sirius getting it on or if a Bellatrix/Tonks romance bothers you, then maybe this con isn’t for you.


In accordance with providing a safe environment for our attendees, your privacy and safety is our utmost concern. We understand that given the nature of some aspects of the slash fandom, privacy is a very important issue. Accordingly, no records of personal information will be left out in plain view or disclosed to anyone who is not a member of the Con Com. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Disclaimer: Lubricus is presented by By Fans 4 Fans LLC, and is not endorsed, sanctioned, or in any other way supported directly or indirectly by Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Harry Potter book publishers, or JK Rowling and her representatives.

The Con Com

Rachael aka akemi42 (she/her) is a podcaster, vidder, and lawyer. Her favorite things about the Harry Potter fandom include the awesome fans, Severus Snape, and the slash. Her Potterslash OTP is Snarry, but you might catch her making the occasional Snupin or Snucius vid.


Sam aka samtastic4 (she/her) is a nurse, a cat mom, and a Ravenclaw. She has been an avid lurker, reader, and con goer since the tender age of 12. She is a die-hard Snarry shipper, but will pretty much read any fic in which Harry is a happy little bottom. When not reading fanfic, she spends hours reading m/m romance novels. She was on the con com for the first two Lubricus' and is thrilled to be resurrecting it all for 2020! #hedwigwatch2020

Alan (he/him) was introduced to slash shortly after joining the Harry Potter fandom in 2000, and has never looked back! His OTP is Harry/Draco, but he will (and has, it feels like!) read anything once. Yes, including that infamous NC-17 Harry/Flobberworm fic. Ari flew across the country to attend Lubricus 2011, not knowing anyone else attending the con, and had the time of his life. Lubricus: The Reunion will be his tenth Harry Potter convention. Inspired by Ghandi's advice to "Be the change you wish to see in the world," Alan is delighted to be helping bring this slashy convention back to life in 2020!


Mab (they/them) is a Fanfic writer/podficcer/cosplayer (on hiatus). They co-modded the Harry/Draco Bang in 2015. Lubricus 2012 was their introduction to fan conventions and they are excited to participate in bringing it back for 2020! 


snottygrrl (they/them) has been involved in fandom since they were a wee little thing. They’ve been a reader, a writer, a beta, and a con volunteer for longer than they can keep track of. They enjoy many fandoms, but Harry/Draco will always hold a special place in their heart. They're a proud Hufflepuff and admitted to it aeons before it was cool to do so.


Sara aka saladbats (she/her) is a voracious consumer of words and a smut enabler/ beta reader. Co-mod of the online Harry Potter fan community hpvamp. Been kicking around HP fandom since 2002 or so. H/D and Snarry make her super happy. 


Treewishes (she/her) started out as a Star Trek Voyager slasher and dabbles in many other slash fandoms, but with a foundation fandom in Potterslash. Tree has organized discussion panels on slash and kink at Escapade and CON.TXT, as well as Witching Hour and Prophecy. There is nothing Tree likes more than listening to someone slashsplain their passion for anything from Ron/Draco schmoop to the Real Housewives of Hogsmeade to the wildest Snarry AU.


DJ aka djin7 (she/her) hails from Hockeyland and has enjoyed being a fan (music/TV/books/comics/movies) for a very long time, but tries to keep it simple by not jumping around too many fandoms at once. Slash-centric & devouring fanfic like a pro, she has also assisted/moderated/co-modded/created/volunteered for several fandom-y places such as fic archives, yahoo groups, newsletters, communities, panels, meetups, podcasts, fests and conventions. She can be loud af (you can always hear her coming, like Jaws).


Tripperfunster (she/her) came to slash via a not-so-innocent Snape google, way back in 2004. After devouring fic and art she jumped in with both feet and began creating her own. Finding the beautiful in the less-than beautiful characters and humour in some of the most outrageous pairings, she creates art in many different mediums, including (but not limited to) graphite, ink, paint, paper crafts and glass. She has been to many cons over the years and hosted/guested on a few panels, art instructionals and round tables, but finds that she prefers the smaller (and slashier) cons like Lubricus. Her fandoms include Harry Potter, Megamind, Star Trek, Phineas and Ferb, Supernatural, The Avengers and Good Omens.

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