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A Very Spooky Blue Ball

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Want to get jiggy with Hedwig? Need an excuse to wear your favorite Draco-inspired leather pants? Or maybe you’ve been waiting to show off that latex Captain America costume? Regardless of your unique costuming needs, the Lubricus Blue Ball is the place for you!

The Blue Ball is a Lubricus tradition. The double entendre is intended to inspire your costume choices: add a dash of blue to your dress robes, cast a color charm on your hair, or dress as your favorite character in a state of sexual frustration! And this year The Blue Ball will take place on Halloween so prepare for some extra spooky and extra sexy fun!

You can dance to the music or just relax and hang out with your friends. There will be appetizers, a bar (drink tickets are included with full registration), and a few more magical surprises. And if you want to invite your friends who are not attending the con, you can purchase One Night Stand guest tickets for just $25.

So start imagining, sewing, or brewing up your costume! This year’s Blue Ball will be like no other! And don’t forget that registration for Lubricus opens in just one week!

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