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Lubricus Fannish COVID Survival Part 2

Previously, we posted links to ConCom reccers' "Something New". Now, we are bringing Something Old to help comfort those who are still hunkering down from COVID-19, or for those taking breaks for self care or rest during protests, or for the rest who just need a little nostalgia to help them get through some of the strange days we find ourselves in. Lubricus began as a Harry Potter Slash fan con, naturally that means our ConCom has a lot to remember and reminisce about:

Con Com Reccer: saladbats

Author: tryfanstone

Fandom: Harry Potter

Why You Love It: My older pick was a hard choice! There are a million H/D or Snarry fics I could recommend. But this is one I re-read probably every 6 months. Post-Hogwarts, Harry as bookshop owner, and flirting/courtship through literature. A quick read at 6798 words but such a delightful morsel.

Con Com Reccer: treewishes

Fic: Parseltongue-tied (Note you have to be logged in to the site to access it)

Author: Dementor Delta

Fandom: HP / Snarry

Why You Love It: Classic! This story, to me, is peak Snarry. It’s hot and kinky, and yet romantic and heartfelt. And of course, delightful to read with lots of clever dialogue. An all-time favorite.

Con Com Reccer: DJ/Djin7

Author(s): Keira Marcos

Fandom: Harry Potter (Harry/Draco)

Why You Love It: Though I do prefer darker, angsty fics in general - lately I've been getting some comfort from "fix-it" or "reset" fics (see my "something new" rec for more!). Who doesn't wish for a Ctrl*Alt*Del once in a while? This one is a very indulgent, 'cast back in time' epic that has some surprising enemies and plot twists. I've read it many, many times. Warning: this author has some Ginger hate issues, but she's always been proud of it. LOL.

Update on the Con: To be or not to be, that is the question. We are still monitoring the global health situation and will be updating soon about the future of Lubricus 2020. Don't worry, one way or another, we will make this convention happen. The only question right now is when, and we are cognizant of the concerns of people who are worried about traveling at all this year. Please note that you can cancel your reservation any time before September 29, 2020 per our Attendance and Cancellation Policy. Stay tuned for more info from the Lubricus Con Com.

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