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The Lube Report: Delayed Gratification

Hi Lubricus Friends and Fans!

Your trusty Con Comm has some decisions we need to make before the end of calendar year 2022 about the future of Lubricus. There are fees associated with maintaining our LLC and website that will renew in 2023, so we need to consider whether we want to pay for another year, or let them lapse and dissolve (for now, hopefully not forever!).

If we want to host a Lubricus Reunion in 2023, then it makes sense to keep everything active - we’ll reopen discussions with the hotel, pick new dates, and kick off the planning process in earnest. If we decide we’re not ready to host a con in 2023, we will shut everything down at the end of this year, and perhaps revisit the idea again in 2024 or beyond. We can always spin things back up again if and when we’re ready to make more concrete plans, like we did when we intended to have the Reunion in 2020.

To that end, we have a quick survey for you! It’s only three questions, and your participation will help guide our decisions about how to move forward. We’ll close the survey on Monday, November 21st

- please respond before 11:59pm in your time zone. We will send out another edition of The Lube Report in mid-November letting everyone know what we decide.

Lots of love and slashiness,

Your Con Comm

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