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Why Lubricus?

It’s still early in 2020 so there’s time to properly allocate your convention budget and set aside some funds for Lubricus 2020. But with so many different social media outlets for fandom and so many different conventions happening all over the world what sets Lubricus apart? Here are a few qualities about our little con that make us special…

  • Lubricus is by fans for fans: The Lubricus Con Com is made up of real-life slash fans who have found themselves craving more slashy content at the mainstream HP conventions. They’ve put on two successful Harry Potter versions of Lubricus and are excited to join forces again in 2020 to host this multifandom iteration of Lubricus.

  • Lubricus is affordable: We offer several different types of tickets for Lubricus 2020 with the cheapest version (Get Your Rocks Off) providing admission to all Lubricus programming, the Blue Ball, and the Morning After Breakfast for just $140. The con rate at the hotel is just $149 per night for a standard room for up to two people; the rate is an extra $10 for a third or fourth person in a room. And on top of that, Portland doesn’t have sales tax!

  • Lubricus is intimate and friendly: The previous Lubricus conventions had under 100 attendees each, which provides enough people to have a good time, but not so many that introverts end up feeling completely overwhelmed and end up hiding in their hotel rooms. Many people attending Lubricus have known each other for years, but we’ve always welcomed new faces at cons. If you like slash, we like you.

  • Lubricus has a Common Room: Inspired by the lounge spaces at Hogwarts, Lubricus provides a chill hang out space for congoers to chat, drabble, craft, and just hang out. We decorate the space to be cozy and fannish so that it can be both energizing and relaxing at the same time.

  • Lubricus has a Blue Ball: The Blue Balls' of previous cons have been a night for congoers to dress up, dress down, dance, eat, enjoy vids and fannish company during an evening of supreme fun. And we always have themed drinks! This year's Blue Ball will be no different and if you need an extra excuse to dress up, it takes place on Halloween.

There are many more reasons to include Lubricus in your 2020 con planning. Check out our web site to learn more.

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