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Privacy Policy

Effective on: January 9, 2020

By Fans 4 Fans LLC (“BF4F”) knows that you care how information about you is used and shared. Accordingly, BF4F aims to provide a unique convention experience at which your privacy is honored.

This Lubricus Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes BF4F’s policy for website located at (the "BF4F Website") and the Lubricus 2020 conference (“Lubricus").  This Privacy Policy does not apply to your use of any sites to which any of the Lubricus Website provides a hyperlink, review, or otherwise recommend. Further, any use of the web pages located on web sites not wholly controlled by BF4F (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, and Dreamwidth) is done pursuant to the privacy policies of said sites.


You must register in order to attend Lubricus. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide a badge name, an email address, date of birth, and credit card information (including your legal name if you do not have a credit card or checking account under your badge name).  You are not obligated to use your legal name as your badge name. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, any information provided by you to BF4F will be considered private and personal information (“Personal Information”) except for your badge name.


Disclosure of Personal Information

BF4F may disclose Personal Information only to those of BF4F’s employees and volunteers who (i) need to know Personal Information in order to operate the BF4F Website or organize Lubricus; and (ii) have agreed not to disclose Personal Information to any third party. Personal Information will not be posted on a publicly accessible web site and will not be available to other Lubricus attendees.


Press and Photography


BF4F will not specifically invite members of the press to Lubricus or provide special press registration for members of the press. Further, BF4F will not publish photographs of Lubricus attendees, on the BF4F Website or otherwise, without obtaining prior written consent to do so.


Email from BF4F and Announcements


BF4F may use your email address and badge name to provide you with email newsletters and announcements relating to Lubricus. BF4F may also use your email address and badge name to provide you with announcement about the BF4F Website, about a specific transaction, or about any other significant development that may affect your use of the BF4F Website or your attendance at Lubricus.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

If BF4F decides to change this Privacy Policy, BF4F will post changes on the BF4F Website.

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