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Lubricus and Current Events (COVID-19)

Lubricus is still on: The Lubricus Con Com has discussed the current events and is monitoring the situation carefully. At this time we have no plans to cancel or postpone our October 2020 event and are monitoring the situation as it develops.

Social Distancing: Many people are reporting positive aspects of quarantine and social distancing, even as some suffer hardships in employment and cancellations costs. But staying home can be very relaxing, and the best thing about being in a fandom is that there is a lot of amazing content out there to keep one's attention for long periods. Perhaps now is the time to re-read that epic Snarry from 2009, or to catch up on those fFanvids you've been saving on your Watch Later list on Youtube. Meaning to catch up or get familiar with a new fandom via Netflix? Now is your chance.

Self-Care: Remember self care during this time: Get out into the fresh air away from crowds. Exercise or stretch if you can. Eat fresh food wherever possible. Spring clean. Don't forget to take a break between online or TV content, or turn it right off if it's causing you anxiety. Facetime, Google chat or Zoom conference friends and family.

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