General Con Info


What is this con all about?
The Con That Shall Not Be Named (aka Lubricus) is a fan-inspired and fan-run wizarding slash convention presented by By Fans 4 Fans, LLC (aka BF4F). Although the first two iterations of Lubricus were limited to Harry Potter slash, Lubricus 2021 will be mutlifandom.  Because attendees get to determine the programming, we can't say what will be featured yet, but expect to see Doctor Who, Marvel/Avengers, Sherlock, Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, and many more. Remember, you get to decide!

When will the con be held?
Thursday October 21, 2021 through Sunday October 24, 2021.

Where will the con be held?
The con will take place at the Crowne Plaza in Portland, Oregon. To find out more about the hotel and the area go to the Hotel & Travel page.

Who can come to the con?
BF4F welcomes any attendee who will be over the age of 18 on October 21, 2021. We also recommend that potential attendees like wizarding slash.

Does Lubricus have a Code of Conduct?

Absolutely. BF4F does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Please see the Attendance and Cancellation Policy for the rules. Violations can result in action by the con com ranging from warnings to having the violator’s badge revoked with no refund and the decision of the event committee is final.

If you experience harassment or other unwanted behavior during Lubricus, please visit Registration in the Common Room to discuss or report an incident or concern. We strongly encourage attendees to report an incident as soon as possible after it occurs.

Will cosplay be allowed?

Of course. Feel free to dress up for any or all of the con. All attendees will be expected to understand that cosplay is not consent. Remember to always ask a cosplayer before touching or taking pictures.

What if my cosplay includes some kind of weapon?

BF4F does not allow real weapons either as part of a costume or for everyday convention wear. We reserve the right to inspect and reject any prop and/or device at any time. The Lubricus con com and staff have the final say on what items require peace-bonding or removal to safe storage. Please see the Attendance and Cancellation Policy for further details.


How much is registration for the con?

Registration will cost $140 - $250. Please see the Registration page for more information.


What does registration include?
Registration entitles you to admission to all Lubricus programming events, admission to the Lubricus Blue Ball on Saturday, drink tickets redeemable at the Blue Ball, and admission to the Morning After Breakfast on Sunday.


When and how can I register?
Registration will open on February 1st, 2020 on the Registration page.

Can I register for just the Blue Ball?

Yes, registration for just the Blue Ball will cost $25. Please see the Registration page for more information.


What is your cancellation policy?
Registrations may be cancelled any time before September 21, 2021 by sending an email to registration@bf4f.org with the following subject line: CANCELLATION.  In the event of a proper cancellation before September 21, 2021, BF4F will provide the cancelling registrant with a refund of 95% of the registration fee.  The cancelling registrant’s spot will be offered to the next person on the waitlist if a waitlist exists. Cancellations will not be accepted after September 21, 2021 and no refunds after September 21, 2021 will be issued. Refunds of hotel rooms are subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel’s cancellation policy. Please see the Attendance and Cancellation Policy for further details.


Are daily registrations available?
No, not this year.


Can I register at the door?

If BF4F has open spots on the registrant list, we will be able to sell registrations at the door; however, we cannot guarantee that we will have available space. If registrations are available to be sold at the door, the price will be $150. If registrations are available and you would like to purchase one, please go to the Common Room.

Con Events and Programming


When does the con begin and end?

Classroom Programming will officially begin on the Friday morning; however, registrants will be able to pick up their badges and information packets on Thursday evening. Events may also be going on Thursday night in the Common Room. The convention will officially end on Sunday.


What will programming look like?
There will be two general kinds of programming: Classroom Programming and Common Room Activities. Classroom Programming can include panel discussions, round tables, how-to sessions, scheduled squee — anything that is suited for a group of 30 or so fans in a Classroom setting. Classroom Programming will be organized and scheduled in advance of the con; attendees will have the opportunity to suggest topics for these sessions on social media, and to volunteer to organize and moderate discussions that interest them. This will all happen on the Lubricus social media about three months prior to the con, so stay tuned for updates. And remember that Lubricus 2021 is multifandom.

The Common Room is available for activities that are not necessarily prescheduled or would be more appropriate for a smaller, more intimate setting, such as impromptu round tables, knitting sessions, drabbling or drawbling sessions, meet-ups for outings, games, cosplay, and so on. Since the Common Room is available until 11:30 PM Friday and Saturday during the con, it will also be the location for some scheduled activities in the evenings. Attendees who wish to organize or suggest a Common Room activity in advance will have the opportunity to do so. Stayed tuned to Lubricus social media for more information. There will be a sign-up sheet on-site if attendees would like to plan any Common Room activities at the last minute.

Other con events may take place at other locations in the hotel, for example in guest rooms, the con suite, the hotel restaurant, the pool, or even offsite. There will be a display board in the Common Room where attendees can find out about all con events and any last minute changes to the schedule.

Will the programming be accessible?

Yes, the event space is accessible and the hotel has accessible rooms, spaces and services available, from TTY devices and accessible parking, to assistive listening devices and beyond. More information can be found on their site. Requests for ASL interpretation for Lubricus will be accepted until September 1, 2021.


When will a schedule be posted?
A schedule will be posted about one month prior to the con on the web page. In the mean time, you can take a look at the 2011 Schedule. Please do keep in mind that whereas Lubricus 2021 will be multifandom, Lubricus 2011 was a Harry Potter only convention.


Which rooms in the hotel will the convention be using and when will they be open?
The convention space involves two main areas: the Classroom and the Common Room. The Classroom will be open from 10 AM until 5 PM on Friday and Saturday. The Common Room will be open on Thursday 6 PM until 10 PM, Friday and Saturday 10 AM until 11:30 PM, and Sunday 12 PM until 2 PM.

Will there be dealers at the con?
Stay tuned for more information.


Will there be a ball event?
Yes, on Saturday evening BF4F will be hosting the Blue Ball! The double entendre is intended to inspire your costume choices: add a dash of blue to your dress robes, cast a color charm on your hair, or dress as your favorite character in a state of sexual frustration! You can dance to the music or just relax and hang out with your friends. There will be appetizers, a bar, and a few more magical surprises. The Blue Ball (and two drink tickets) is included as part of registration. Non-con attendees can also purchase admission to the Blue Ball for $25.


Will there be a vid show?
Probably! Stay tuned for more information.

Travel and Hotel

Which airport should I fly into?
The closest airport is the Portland airport (aka PDX). The con hotel is about 12 miles away from the Portland Airport. 


How do I get from the airport/train station/bus station/my friend’s house/anywhere else to the con hotel?
The hotel has an airport shuttle. There are also a  variety of other options available, including the MAX Light Rail, buses, shuttles, cabs, and driving. For more detailed information, consult the Hotel & Travel page.


How much does the con hotel cost?

The con rate is $149 per night for a standard room (plus taxes, etc.) for one or two people. Occupancy of each room cannot exceed four people under any circumstances. The rooms will be priced at the con rate from October 21, 2021 through October 24, 2020. Reservations must be made on or before the cut-off date of Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in order to be eligible for the group rate and By Fans 4 Fans must be mentioned when calling.

How do I reserve a room at the con hotel?
There are two ways to reserve a room in the convention block – and just as a reminder for those who aren’t familiar with con finances, it’s extremely important to the con that you reserve a BF4F room, so please do use one of these methods – the con depends on it!

First, after registration open, you can do it by phoning the Crowne Plaza at 1-503-233-2401 or their toll-free number, 

1-866-242-1264, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and mentioning the group name, By Fans 4 Fans. If you are told that no BF4F rooms are available, please do not reserve a room at the regular rate! Instead, please contact us at info@bf4f.org so we can increase the size of the room block.

Second, you can do it online. There is a link in the Hotel & Travel page that will take you to a hotel reservation page where you can book rooms directly for the BF4F room block. Note that this is not the same as using the Crowne Plaza’s regular online booking service, or any other online reservation service. Reserving through this direct link ensures that your room is credited to the BF4F room block.


Is there parking at the con hotel?
Yes, there is onsite parking at a reduced fee of $7 a day or $18 overnight per vehicle to all registrants. There is also limited metered parking on the street.

Is the hotel accessible?

Yes, the hotel has accessible rooms, spaces and services available, from TTY devices and accessible parking, to assistive listening devices and beyond. More information can be found on their site. Requests for ASL interpretation for Lubricus will be accepted until September 1.

I'm not comfortable in gendered bathrooms, will there be accommodations?

Yes, there will be a gender neutral restroom near the event rooms.

Does the con hotel have internet access?
Yes, the guest rooms have free wireless and wired internet access. The Classrooms and Common Room will also have free wireless internet access.


Does the con hotel have a business center?
Yes, the hotel has a 24-hour business center.


Can I bring my pet?
No, the con hotel does not allow pets, only service animals.

Is there a restaurant in the hotel and/or near the con hotel?
Yes, the hotel has a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner (view the menu). Room service is available. There are also a number of other eating options within walking distance.


Is there a pool and/or exercise facility in the con hotel?
The hotel has indoor pool, a spa tub, and a 24-hour fitness center.


How close is the hotel to downtown Portland?
The hotel is across the river from downtown Portland. Downtown is easily accessible by Light Rail and the hotel has a shuttle to the nearest Light Rail stop. Downtown Portland is also easily accessible via cab or driving.



What will the weather be like?
Answering this question about Portland is nearly impossible, but we’ll take a shot. In most years, Portland averages a daily maximum temperature for October that's between 61 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 19 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 44 and 48 °F (6 to 9 °C). There is also likely to be rain.


What is your privacy policy?
The safety and privacy of registrants is of the utmost concern to BF4F. Accordingly, we pledge that badges will only include the name registrants have indicated as their badge name during registration. In addition, BF4F will take care to insure that any personal information disclosed during registration is not shared outside the Con Com and volunteer staff who have a “need to know.” Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.


Will the press be present at the con?
BF4F will not specifically invite members of the press to Lubricus or provide special press registration for members of the press. Further, BF4F will not publish photographs of Lubricus attendees, on the BF4F Website or otherwise, without obtaining prior written consent to do so.


Who is BF4F anyway?
BF4F is a group of fans who got together with a vision to form a wizarding convention that would be slash-friendly, affordable, and privacy conscious. Our goal is stated in our name: to present a convention that is by fans for fans. Please see the About page for further details about the Con Com and other people who are helping to make the con a reality.


Do the Con Com members or volunteers get a discount on registration or room fees?
No, this convention is run by fans for fans. Because the entire Con Com is made up of fans, everyone on the Con Com is required to pay for their own registration and room. This policy also applies to volunteers.


I have read the entire FAQ and I still have questions. What do I do?
Email us at info@bf4f.org and we will try to help.