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Lubricus Fannish COVID Survival Part 3

***Please stay tuned to the Lubricus website/newsletter for an Important Announcement to do with the Lubricus 2020 convention this week.

In the interim, back to the Fannish Covid Survival Kit, this time with Fanvids! (Pts. One (new) and Two (old) fic rec posts).

How to Vid. Not for the weak.

Fanvids began in 1975, when a Star Trek fan synced stills on a slide projector with music from a cassette tape at a convention.

Today they are much more advanced, and there are hundreds of thousands of fanvids available for free to enjoy for all fandoms imaginable made with such extraordinary creativity and talent. There are fanvid conventions, worldwide competitions and fair use laws in place because of the love of Fanvids. Don't sleep on these labours of love, folks!

Here's some Lubricus ConCom recs for fanvids, new and old, from various popular fandoms. Please leave some return love for the vidders out there who do so much wonderful work for us.

Do you have a rec? Leave a comment!

ConCom Reccer: Rachael

Vidder: Lingzee

Fandom: Captain America

Why You Love It: Britney and hot Steve/Bucky action are key ingredients for Rachael surviving June and celebrating Pride quarantine style.

ConCom Reccer: DJ/djin7

Vidder: Dreamie/dreamie234

Fandom: The Untamed (spoilers up to episode 33)

Why You Love It: It spotlights the dark side of the web series (live action). Though the show has many facets (Romance! Action! Humour!) truly the angst of the drama is really in relief in this video, I just love it. Also, the song rocks; a cover of the Stones' classic by Hidden Citizens feat. Rånya.

ConCom Reccer: DJ/djin7

Vidder: Lolachrome/lolathexxiii

Fandom: Supernatural

Why You Love It: This was one of the first FMVs I ever watched, and it actually made me go back and revisit the Supernatural series; I had stopped watching it on TV, and had never been in their fandom. I had been rudderless for some time after HP, and suddenly there was this amazing, visual Supernatural fandom, packed full of extraordinary works of all kinds, past, and present. Spoilers for S. 6.

ConCom Reccer: saladbats

Vidder: R5D5Moe

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Why you love it: pure slashy cracktasticness. A peppy little tune with great editing to showcase Andrew Scott's wonderful performance.

  • Stay tuned for more info from the Lubricus Con Com. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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